10 Outrageous California Citrus Crate Labels

Posted on 15 February 2014

10. Orange not to scale.
Tree Top Brand


9. Caltech astronomers discover extraterrestrial advertisement.
Planet Brand


8. Nothing says wholesome freshness like a hobo.
Old Rip Brand


7. Booty call.
Treasure Chest Brand


6. Clearly a native.
Native Daughter Brand


5. So healthy it’s creepy.
Corona Health Brand


4. Three for the price of one: Orientalism, homoeroticism, gigantism.
Miracle Brand


3. Because Indian warriors hunted wild oranges as well as bison.
Indian-Hill Brand


2. Galloping to Mecca, California (a real place).
Arab Brand

And the most outrageous California citrus crate label…

1. Enough said.
Have One Brand

(For a detailed history of California citrus, see part 3 of my book Trees in Paradise.)

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